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A funny.

I saw this online and thought id share.




Finally someone came up with a term for when unhealthy is made to be healthy…… health wrapping…



Thursday Tip Day

Copy you pets

 Learn to do stretching exercises when you wake up. (Downward dog, cow/cat) It boosts circulation and digestion, and eases back pain.



Stuffed Sweet Potato

My boss had this for lunch the other day and it smelled so yummy that I decided to try and re-create it. 

Take a sweet potato and microwave it for 2 minutes until it is soft. Shell it. 

Mix raw chicken breast chunks, inside of the potato, shredded low fat cheese chopped broccoli, chopped onion, chopped peppers, and basically any other veg. Oh and garlic… can never forget garlic. Stuff it all back into potato shell. 

Wrap the entire thing in tinfoil and bake at 350 for 45 minutes. We had it with a salad. SO YUMMY!



Things you will never hear a fit blogr say

I don’t drink pop, only iced tea, lemonaid, and juice. 

I don’t want to drink that much water, it will make me look bloated. 

Bar food again! Kick Ass

I can’t do any excersize, its bad for my health.

Potatoes are so fattening

Eggs are bad

Greek Yoghurt is to high in Fat



Jacket Potato

I forget what we call a baked potato with all the fixings here is Canada. In England they say jacket potato. Mainly because when you cook them you wrap them in a tinfoil jacket. Here was the one I made. 


Look at it and all its yummy-ness. I actually created this from left over things in my fridge. I had made crock pot chicken the night before and this was from the left over sauce. See the crock-pot chicken recipe here….. I then through it on a left over baked plane potato and then put light cheese over top. The whole thing with a side of broccoli was so filling and 8 points. I am going to have a jacket potato revolution in my life… it was that good. 



Food that sounds healthy but isn’t

Vitamin Water.

I got into an arguement with someone about vending machines in schools, and how they have replaced pop with ‘vitamin water.’ I think I snorted water through my nose when they said they were so happy seeing schools change for the better. 

Let me share some facts….

1. One of the main ingredients is still water.
2. Most the ‘vitamins’ are artificially made in factories, and are the vitamins that most of us get tons of already. 
3. They are secretly owned by coke. Which I give HUGE props to the marketing team behind this one. 
4. I personally love the packaging and all the colours. FACT

Here is an interesting article l published by a UK paper called the Star..



So my life is crazy…

Wedding planning is crazy, but I love it. I think I will have wedding withdrawals when it is all over.

We went and saw our whole in the ground where our house will be. Possession date is looking to be the same date as my wedding though. um scary yes. 

Also I have signed up for Colour me Rad Calgary! So excited that I finally got in and got a spot!!!! I signed up for a race with my puppy as well. And I am hoping to sign up for the zombie survivor race this summer too. Never registered for a race ever and this summer 3! yay me



Thursday Health Tip

K so not realllllllly a health tip, but a tip with food to make your life better. 

To warm up cold feet, sprinkle a bit of cayenne pepper into your socks. This folk remedy may help warm your toes by increasing circulation and improving blood flow



So I didn’t cook anything exciting and new last night

So everyweek I try and cook something new for my blog. Well not so much this week… I made these delicious sloppy joes again.

They are really yummy 


Not only is Guava a delicious tropical fruit that is good for your waistline  but it is also great for your skin. It contains more than 5 times the vitamin C than an orange. 

It is also high in fiber, antioxidants, and lycopene.



It is delicious and 0 points!!!! 



My attempt at Butter Chicken… healthy style.

Isn’t it supposed to be thick??? I didn’t use full fat cream I used 0% sour cream. So maybe that is where I went wrong… suggestions??



Thursday’s Health Tip - Moved to Wednesday

I will be cooking butter chicken tonight and want to put that on my page, so I am switching Thursday and Wednesday… so here it goes!

Learn to Cook

If you know how to cook you know how to cut back. You save a ton of money and gain control over what exactly is going into your meals.

Plus cooking is super sexy….

Thank you cosmo for that gem. 



Lean Beef

tehe at first when I did this post it said lean beer. Maybe next week I will do a lean beer post. baha. 

Beef is a great source of iron, and one of the easiest for your body to absorb. It is helpful to turn food into energy and is great for building muscle. It has vitamin E which is great for boosting brain power. Lean beef can be a bit tough, due to lack of fat, so marinating it will help.



Crock Pot BBQ Ribs…. but with Chicken.

I tried a new crock pot receip from Epicure. Ok I am not trying to shamelessly promote, but I tried this out for the first time and it was amazing. I bought this…

 You mix it with 1 tbsp brown sugar half a cup ketchup and some water. You’re supposed to mix in ribs, but I did slices of chicken. The whole sauce worked out to be about 4pts. So lets say one point per serving. Then 3 points for my chicken. 4 for my Quinoa. 11 point dinner that was sooooo yummy, 

Slow cookers are my new favorite! I will have a slow cooker package in my Epicure give away! So reblog it to win!!!!